My Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I get a little tired of hearing my generation of friends constantly referring to “20 something’s” as lazy, ungrateful and self-absorbed. My daughter has been by my side since birth, a big part of my life and it is from her inspiration that I am entering my very first blog posting. She tells me almost every day that “people need to hear the things that you are saying, Mom”…”you deserve so much better and you could help so many others” just from the things I’m going through in my life and have gone through thus far. I love to write, I always have, but I do not have a degree. I do have a lifetime of experiences and challenges that I would love to share and a daughter who believes that I could help others with my voice. My heart is full of so many things, by sharing I’d be helping myself as well, both emotionally and spiritually.

I do not have a violent temper, but I’ve lived with one. I am not an abuser, but I’ve lived with that too. I don’t hurt others, but I’ve been a victim. I’ve lost plenty in my life, but I’m grateful and fortunate for what I have. One of the most treasured is my daughter, a truly beautiful soul who is a humanitarian soldier. I am so very proud of her. There are exceptions to every rule, she is certainly one. She has inspired me to begin sharing here and I have so much I want to share right now, I swear I could begin writing a book. But it’s best to keep it “short n sweet” for now, and so this is only the beginning…


15 thoughts on “My Inspiration

    1. So beautifully written!!!
      Great idea. Thought for me. My words get lost daily at work😣
      Blown away…
      Thanks for reaching out😘


  1. I love it!! You did an awesome job, girl! Your making me want to get mine going again! I love that picture of your daughter. I cannot wait until your next post. Xoxoxo


  2. “I dreamt we walked together along the shore. We made satisfying small talk and laughed.
    Today, i read your precious words. Was I only dreaming or was it real?


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