Trash Talkin…

I’ve always felt a strong connection to our waters, not really sure why, but knew I’d always felt something there. I’ve got dolphins wrapped around a finger, waves around another, a whale tail around my neck and coral, shells and shark’s teeth around my home. I’ve always loved Michigan for the wonderful “water wonderland” that it provides, in addition to our incredible forestry and coastlines. Never letting the water run while brushing my teeth, flushing the commode with more consciousness and hand washing dishes much of the time, I’ve always been aware of its value and have tried not to waste any more than possible. Collecting rain water for my organic garden has been a wonderful and creative project that my daughter and I have shared. Far too many take water so very much for granted and really don’t consider it to be a very precious natural resource.

Each time I toss something into the trash, I look at it as if I’m throwing that item into a landfill. Do I really need to throw this there? Can it be recycled? Reused in some way, perhaps? Is there a better destiny for this? Think of the number of things people just throw out for the trash without ever thinking about it…used carpet/padding, batteries, furnace filters, plastic water bottles, plastic grocery bags, car wipers, etc. Seriously, the list is incredibly endless of those items that we toss that NEVER break down and become nutrients to the land they’re buried in. It truly is a crime, what we’ve done to our planet Earth, our Mother Earth, all for the sake of progress, convenience and profit. Some gets incinerated, yes, releasing all those chemicals into our atmosphere, the air that we breathe every day. It’s time for us to get real about waste and natural resources.

We need to ask ourselves why we need so many types of products. Can’t we just focus on making a few really good ones and eliminate the rest? Why haven’t we come up with ways to reuse, renew, up cycle or recycle more of our waste? How much of our planet do we need to destroy with landfills, before we wake up to what we’re doing? Did you know that even food scraps emit toxic chemicals when mixed with common trash? Why not put a bin in your backyard, dump in your food scraps, mix it with soil and create your own valuable soil mix for spring planting? When you start with better nutrients in your soil, you don’t need to rely on so many chemicals to have successful growth. That’s just a simple win-win for our planet as well as it is for ourselves. This is what I do, in my organic garden. I don’t need the government’s approval of quality from what grow.

I remain hopeful however, in our next generation. I believe our youth of today will see the great errors of our ways and demand improvements in the way we look at waste, the way we look at each other, the way we heal, etc. I am hopeful that they will demand better and greed less. A great many youth are embracing better ideals than we currently have forefront. I have faith that better lifestyles are ahead. Living more simply with less struggling and being truly happier will be the norm one day. Not so much working multiple jobs to “pay” major corporations for things that we need. There will be a stronger focus on family, child nurturing and compassion for community. Our youth realizes that we need to remove the government control of so much of our lives and allow us to provide in the ways we, the people, feel are best. I have faith, I believe and remain hopeful they will stand strong and make changes for the betterment of our world. I know this will be, one day, because I see it happening before my eyes…I am a very proud mother…more on THAT later.

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  1. Nicki says:

    I LOVE THIS! And, you are SO right about everything we throw away!


    1. Thank you, my girl, I hope it makes others think about the trash can being our landfills. What a shame, what we toss so easily without thought. ~xOx~


  2. Gloria J McGaffey says:

    I never think about what I throw away. Never, but, of course you knew that. LOL Keep these coming.


    1. Well, hopefully this makes you think about that some. Hope your area recycles, at least! Nope, I really didn’t know that, Gloria. But I will keep em coming! Thank you 💟 ~xOx~


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