Creations From A Beautiful Disaster

I’m so excited, re-connecting with my passions. At the same time, I have no idea what lies ahead of me. I walk into my beautiful disaster, my work room, and I feel so good. I’ve been attracted to rocks, crystals and such my entire life. Every trip I’ve taken, I’ve brought back a piece of each mountain range traveled. Every beach visited, has created an abundant collection of shells. The list goes on. Nature has always excited me and I’m most at peace when I’m surrounded by it. My work desk is covered and surrounded by stones, crystals, pearls, etc. I realized, long ago, why I feel such a sense of peace, creativity and happiness having them around me, the energies within them are consuming.

Most people do not understand the energies and properties of crystals, minerals and stones and that’s okay. They just get the sense of goodness and well-being when putting on jewels made from them. That’s what makes people want them. The part most don’t understand is what goes into the creative process. Every single one of my creations has piece of my heart and soul in it. No matter the size or the value, each one is created with hope, love, excitement, understanding. All the things which make me want to do this every day.

There are times I will create a piece many times before I get that feeling that it is done, perfectly. I feel so much peace, so much love with these gems and I adore sharing them with others. Some cannot let go, once they’ve touched them. Some have felt them “speak” to them when they’ve connected with a particular piece. I absolutely couldn’t ask for more than this. Those are the people that have seen beyond their beauty and allowed themselves to be “connected” to a higher power; they’ve heard the great Mother Earth speaking to them.


When a piece has been chosen, it’s as if they’ve been adopted. You hope they’re going to a good home and will be appreciated. I know that each time they are brought out and worn, that they will be providing “positives” for that lucky individual. Whether they understand it or not is okay. I know it, that’s why I create them the way that I do. The powerful combinations of these gems have been used to heal and correct for centuries. There are times these combinations consume me so intensely, I must vacate the space to calm my thoughts, my creativity. I have always felt these energies, but didn’t truly understand the depth until I started researching them. It became so clear to me then, I became addicted.

As I’ve stated, I have no idea what lies ahead for me. I want to do this every day. I have invested a small fortune in these gems of the earth and want to make a difference in the day, the life or even just a moment of someone’s day. I want to educate with them. I want to bring peace with them. I want to share love with them. I love many forms of art and find this to be my true passion, my calling. I’m at a point in my life that I want this to be what I do each and every day, not just for me, but for you too. Our world needs to get back to basics, as I am with my life, and what better place to start than with the ground beneath your feet?


With Passion & Purpose, from my heart to yours… ~x0x~

6 Comments Add yours

  1. jeff says:

    It’s a great feeling to have a passion for something your very good at. keep doing the thing that makes you happy, it’s starting to spread!


    1. Thank you, I do love creating beautiful things that make people happy & feel good. 🌺


  2. Gloria J McGaffey says:

    So beautiful.


    1. Thank you so very much! 💜


  3. Bobbie Fontaine says:

    I totally feel your happiness beautiful. Passion undeniable. Feel the positive energy. YAY 🌹


    1. Thanks Sweetie, I appreciate your support! I know you get what I am saying. ~x0x~


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