What The Hell Was The Reason, Again?

Yes, working in retail reminds me just how commercial our holiday season has become. Christmas trees and decorations were out before trick-or-treaters hit the streets. What the hell happened to the holidays, anyway? Personally, I’ve never gone out and charged a bunch of stuff on credit cards to show my love for others. I’ve never had to. I have friends who tell me they count the number of gifts, compare the amount spent, for each person on their list, to make sure it’s all equal and feelings won’t be hurt. What is wrong with this picture? Honestly, I cannot fathom this.

If someone, at any age, would actually count the number of gifts they receive compared to another, then perhaps, that person should serve food at a shelter for a day or two. What the hell happened to the “reason for the season” anyway? Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I’ve opened my door, for many years, to others to come and spend time around the table and enjoy the traditional foods served. We called it our “open door” and enjoyed sharing with others for each and every major holiday. Come to share a meal, share a little time, share a slice of dessert, whatever you wished, all were welcome. Wow, what memories we’ve created and grown up with.

Raising my children with creativity, art and imagination has made our holidays so very special. Many times, handmade gifts were the favorites. I’ve actually seen one sibling bring another to tears with a special, handmade gift from the heart. That is what the season is all about. Love. Kindness. Sharing and compassion for others. Giving of one’s heart to another, expecting nothing, ‘tis the reason for the season. So, why is it so many will run out, charge themselves into debt for a year, giving crap made in China, just to prove you care? Who started this philosophy regarding Christmas? Who changed the reason for the season?

I never have, nor ever will, camp out in a parking lot to buy something regardless of how sweet the deal. I wouldn’t do that to get anything for myself, much less for someone else. How long before those things are set aside and forgotten about? You know it happens. We all know it happens. Long before the bill is paid, the next big thing is at the forefront. Vow to do things differently this time. At the end of the day, you’ll know you’re loved. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that your biggest wish, really did come true. At the end of the day, you will have sugarplums dancing in your head. At the end of the day, your heart will be full of love, joy and wonderful holiday memories of another year. A long-lasting reason.

Even after all these years, I never tire of getting photos and comments about items made for others, still being appreciated, loved and considered “favorites” among treasured items kept. This is so sweet, so very touching, so appreciated. This is a wonderful reminder of what I believe is the “reason” for the season. Good old-fashioned love. Things that have out-lasted any of the material crap purchased from retailers selling in bulk, with very little true quality or thought placed within. Making something special, for someone who is special, well, how more beautiful could it be? Which would you choose, getting something made “just for you” or something a million others will also have?

Yes, I make jewels. Of all kinds. Not just jewelry, but so many other things as well. I’ve customized picture frames, candlesticks, bookmarks, clothes, etc. for others. I’ve renewed many old, treasured items, giving them a fresh new life. Creativity, imagination and love go into everything, right down to the wrapping! How much more could you give to make someone feel loved, feel truly special? Look at your list, check it twice. Give better to someone this holiday. Give quality, make it unique. Let them know you really thought about them when giving of yourself. Give them Love. Add a little Passion to your holiday.

Most of all, have a truly heart-felt holiday season and engage in the real “Reason for the Season”.


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  1. Eve says:

    Very well said. You nailed it about what the holidays should be

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Eve! 💜


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