Can You See It?

I love kids. There, I’ve said it. Yea, some think I’m crazy and that’s okay. I really do think I should’ve opened a care center for kids long ago. I’ve always been a “people” person and I cross paths with a lot of individuals daily, many of them have their children with them. What is heart-wrenching to me, is how many parents keep them under “control” with the use of technology while out in public {and many at home also). It’s okay though, everyone is doing it. This is crazy! Children that can’t even speak yet, are controlling cell phones with ease.

We all should be aware by now that our country’s governmental system doesn’t ever plan on allowing us to live simple, happy lives. They dictate, we must follow. The system is geared to keep most all of us struggling. Mortgages, heat bills, electric bills, taxes, health care, water bills…the list is endless. Too many start out with student loans on top of it all, because you must have a degree to be competitive these days. Really? What if we took the “competition” out of the picture and inserted “care” instead? What if we made it so our children weren’t growing up on-line?

What kind of world would we have if you could have a roof over your head, be safe, warm and put food on the table…all in the same day, without struggling? Most parents are both working jobs, leaving who to raise the children? Kids are all over social media, comparing their lives with others. As adults, some of us are smart enough to know a lot of what is there is not true. But when children are raised with this social-media-platform-way-of-life, that’s all they know, and they believe what they see and read.  Could this be why so many have a hard time holding a conversation with another, face to face, with eye contact?

Drive through any subdivision…tell me how many kids you see outside playing together, regardless of the season. When you see a group of people together, how many do not have a cell phone in their face? When you see someone out for a walk, are they on the phone, reading the latest posts on Facebook or soaking up a little natural environment around them? How many kids do you know can tell you the difference between Walnut, Oak and Maple trees? How many kids do you know can tell you the names of the people that live on their street? How many kids do you know can tell you the difference between squirrels and chipmunks? How many kids do you know own sidewalk chalk? Coloring books and crayons? How about a swing set? A sled or toboggan?

Yes, I’d love to create a care center for children. I’d love to take them for walks and discover the hood. I’d love to read to them, leaving them wanting more. I’d love to teach them the simplicity of caring and why it’s so important, not just to the world around them, but what it does to their lives also. I’d love to teach them about compassion, just by eliminating the ease of dis-connect. I’d love to give them the opportunity to talk to someone about anything, ask questions and provide some sort of guidance, without the use of technology. I’d love to create an environment where they’d know how to trust looking within themselves for direction and not on Google. I’d love to help instill a sense of self-love, self-respect and self-worth with the use of old-fashioned communication and connection.

If I could, I’d love to hold an assembly in a school and just talk to the kids, honestly. I’d tell them about some of the things I’ve experienced in life and let them know they’re not alone. I think it’s important to let them know it’s okay to be mad, it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be hurt, it’s okay to cry. I think it’s important to let them know emotions are a good thing. They need to know how to deal with them, react positively to them and embrace those feelings. Emotions are what make us human. Too many kids don’t have this understanding because parents are working more to survive and not truly connected to the children anymore. Many parents don’t have the time or energy, at the end of the day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…children are our greatest natural resource. We screw them up and we’ll screw up the future. Too many kids are left raising themselves. They can’t deal with disappointment, anger, loss or frustration. They compare themselves and their lives to what they see on the internet and social media. Bullying has become a huge problem in school and in cyber-space. Some kids have learned how to judge, manipulate and degrade others very easily. Too many kids don’t have self-worth and can’t handle emotions. This, is why some of them can easily walk into school with weapons and destroy lives, not caring about anyone or anything. Suicide and drugs are an easy way out.

Research now finds, having young people living among the elderly is a good thing. The youth learn a great deal connecting and communicating with the elderly and the elderly are truly happier living among the youth, it helps keep their minds functioning and it provides so many life-quality benefits for both sides. Wow, back in the day, we called this a “family”. My grandmother lived with us for most of my life growing up. She was born in Iceland in 1902 and we loved hearing her stories about life. We learned so many things from her, she brought some of our history lessons in school to life. What has happened to our world when we need “researchers” to tell us this kind of living is good for all people?

I recently had a young female ask me how to spell the word “door”. She also asked me how to spell the plural form of “fruit”. Yep, this girl wants to grow up to be a writer. She graduated high school last year. How is this possible? How many kids do you know can tell you the name of a country where crime is virtually non-existent? How many kids do you know can tell you the name of a country where wealth and poverty are not such a division of the people? Where all people live, united, caring about one another? Where 1% does not control 99% of the wealth? Where living with nature is the norm and not against it? Where labels and pharmaceuticals do not dominate? Yep, I learned these things and so much more living and communicating with my grandmother while in my single-digit age of life. Simple family values truly were amazing, way back in the good old-fashioned days.

Michigan Urban Farm Initiative

My grandparents raised 7 children on a farm in Wynyard, Saskatchewan. They raised the food they fed to their family. Agrihoods are the new type of neighborhood popping up across America. Instead of being built around pools or golf/tennis courts, these communities are being built around working farms. This provides farm-to-table meals of quality, local foods. Real food isn’t supposed to be “zapped” for less than 3 minutes and placed on the table as dinner. Sustainable building is also on the forefront. Better building practices, with less or no damage to our planet, that allow you to take control of your quality of life and keep more of your hard-earned income in your pocket. Yep, young adults are realizing how important change is needed. They realize how seriously connected your food choices are to your health. Many are tired of the “labels” and are dumping the daily pills they’ve been on for years, said to “cure” the lack of attention, focus or countless other ailments they supposedly suffer from. They are realizing there are far better ways to live, than this crap we’ve got going on.

Green Dragon Earthship Detroit

The saying is “history repeats itself”, right? I, for one, truly hope so, in this aspect. I hope all children grow up to live happier, healthier lives. Where they eat real, home-grown foods, free of hazardous chemicals. Where they live without the labels and prescriptions that have created so many addicts. Where they play together, care about each other and work in fields they are passionate about. Where they learn to believe in themselves and take more control of their lives and truly understand that simple happiness is far more valuable than the all mighty buck.

Yes, there is a better way but because of this dictatorship we’re living in, we aren’t “allowed” to live freely, with less restraints, unless those in power allow us to do so. After all, there are permits, codes, rules, etc. they say we must adhere to. We aren’t to utilize our natural resources and provide better unless they allow it. Fortunately, there are a great number of people who realize just how important changes need to take place and are moving things in a better direction. Look around…I see it…do you? The combined actions of all these like-minds, I believe, will create a much healthier, happier future for mankind and our great Mother Earth.

Foxhole Homes – Veteran Community


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  1. Camie says:

    There is a lot of truth to this post. I love children, also, and did have my own daycare for a time, but it was exhausting and I gave it up to spend more time with my own children and husband. But I still volunteer with kids any chance I get. I love to invite my friends’ daughters over for craft parties. I love being a mom and staying home with my kids, but I realize not all moms can do this. And the electronics… we have times in our home where they are not allowed, such as at the dinner table and my son is not allowed to have his in his bedroom. It bugs me to no end to see someone on their mini screen when a movie is playing on a big screen! Yes, life seemed so much simpler in “my day” when we didn’t have cell phones and kids played outside every day. It’s a battle now for balance, that’s for sure.

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  2. Thank you, Camie, we are like-minded on this subject, obviously. I was turned off to the daycare for kids because of all the demands dictated from state regulations. How on earth can they tell us what’s best for our children, when their own agencies for children are so poorly performing? Anyway, I also did not allow my son to have the technology in his room. Contrary to the opposition from my ex-husband, who was only trying to manipulate my son’s affections at the time, I stood my ground. Yep, the “tough love” stayed in place. Today, he is making a nice additional income to his FT job with his love for technology and gaming.
    I applaud you for giving of yourself to other kids. Not all parents have/make the time to and this connection is so vital for balanced development. Having “time out” from technology for family togetherness, well, that’s certainly another applaud to you from me. Not enough parents stand strong with that. It not only teaches respect, but it keeps them connected, grounded and helps them balance too. With so many forces from outside, it’s not easy raising children anymore.
    As a FT homemaker/mother, I was all over the school. I voluntarily helped with teaching reading skills, instilling thought and strategy, appreciation/value lessons, etc. It was the most rewarding job of my life and I loved every moment.
    Thank you, Camie, for keeping love and values at the forefront and making a difference in young lives, in addition to your own children. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I enjoyed reading/sharing with you.
    Have a beautiful day!


  3. Jeff says:

    Very true it gives me hope for my grandchildren.

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  4. Hope is what we need! 🙏🌎🌱😊


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