It Only Takes One Special Person

When you’ve put 32 years of your heart and soul into something, it truly is an emotional roller coaster saying good-bye to it. My realtor is doing a private showing of my homestead and I decided to drive to the other end of this lake and sit in the park, gazing back on the place I’ve called “home” for so long. I call it my “Sanity Sanctuary” more than anything. So much peace and privacy here. So much wonderful energy. So much love. Outside of these enormous timbers of Black Walnut and Oak, I’ve pretty much planted all that grows upon this land. This is my 3-acre, little piece of this planet, that is so very incredible, it tears at my heart to think about leaving.

My children were conceived here. I raised compassion, acceptance and caring here. I’ve taught about self-worth, respect and camaraderie here. I’ve witnessed the beauty of growth, the development of individuality and a shared sense of discovery here. Yep, a lot of life has happened here on this land. So many memories, for so many beings, have taken place here. This “heart of the hood” has certainly given a great deal of wonderment to all those that have ever spent time here. Mother Earth has truly given, all of us, more than we could’ve asked for.

I can’t even begin to count all the births we’ve been able to enjoy from the animal kingdom, here on this land. The fawns learning to walk, the newly born red fox playing together, just like children do, and the endless other life we’ve seen grow here. Nature really is amazing, when you embrace all that is around you. One man’s weed, is another’s plant for natural healing. If you pay close attention to it, the more you will find just how absolutely, amazing, forgiving and healing Mother Nature is, when we aren’t destroying her.

I so do love this place. I’ve put so very much into this homestead, inside and out. If I could choose to live anywhere in this metropolitan area outside Detroit, this would be where I’d want to be. Right in the middle of everything, near the water and with enough land to allow you to live your life on your terms. When people want to get out of the “rat race” seeking peace, being one with nature, they go camping. I just walk out my door and I’ve got the best and biggest spot in the park! I couldn’t have asked for more.

I had the opportunity to focus, solely, on the raising of my children. To be the kind of Mother I’d always dreamt I’d be. I felt so fortunate, so grateful, I knew just how very lucky I was, as well. I never took that for granted. This was my new priority and I put into it, all that I am. I wanted to make life here so much so, that all who lived here, couldn’t wait to return at the end of the day. Even my ex-husband completely enjoyed living here, up to the moment he had to leave.

If life had gone differently, perhaps I’d remain here forever. I couldn’t have had a more incredible place in which to raise my children. The time has come, to allow another to do the same thing. It just takes one special person, or couple, to understand all the ability and possibility, that lies here, with this land. I have no time frame, I’m not in any hurry and have no deadlines I must meet. Here, there is no rat race, no corporate dictate.

How many people are fortunate enough to feel a sense of spirit, that unconditional connection, when you know your home is taking as good care of you, as you are of it? When you know, and feel in your heart, that you’re getting just as much out of it, or more, as you are putting into it. Not many can say this. Not everyone can say that their home makes a monumental impact in their everyday life. I’ve been so blessed. Yes, my realtor and I agree, it only takes one special person to understand the very same things we all do. To see what we all know to be true. It only takes one special person, and this is the person we hope comes along and crosses paths with us.

This homestead is, too, awaiting that very special person indeed. I feel all forms of life here sense change is coming. You may not understand this, but I can tell, it’s that sense of connection, unspoken. I feel trusted, in finding that special person who will appreciate, and value, all this land is offering. It may take time to find the person that wants it all. The structure that stands here, is only a small portion of what is. The life, and quality, here, is far greater. It takes only one special person to recognize and embrace it.

I think it’s safe to say that, when given the chance, my kids and I will always come back and visit this spot. We’ll stop by to take-a-peek, say hello, to what we all had a hand in creating, what this place has become. It wasn’t this way when it was bought, it took years in the making, but what it is now, is something we can all be proud of. It’s a piece of every one of us who’ve created, and shared, so much joy here, on this land.

It is so damn hard to say good-bye. I know it will certainly be life-changing. I remind myself of the opportunities that lie ahead by letting go. Nurturing my “self” and not on so much else, at this stage of my life, is going to be something very new for me. At this point, I feel this is what I must do, for me. Nurturing my heart, my soul and my dreams is of the utmost importance for my life now. I have sacrificed all that I can, given all that I could and shared all that I have had, for a very long time. Now, it will only take one special person to bring this story full-circle…

…and I am hoping, like hell, that this one, truly special person comes along and crosses this one very special path…


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