A Heavenly Sense Of Humor

Being a parent, you certainly need to have a good sense of humor. Honestly, laughter is the best medicine there is. I think that’s why God makes kids so darn cute. Once they learn how to talk though, they’re not always so cute anymore! We aren’t supposed to smack them around, the way we were. Yep, a good sense of humor allows kids to grow up, graduate, and move out.

Childhood is full of laughter and magic. I used to tell my kids that only 3 really had the “magic”: Mothers, Santa Claus and God. They really believed that I did, because I always knew what they were doing, without being there. They didn’t know that even a picture frame could reflect images, like a mirror, providing an eye-view of the happenings around a corner or in another room. It used to freak them out that I knew the things I did. I simply let them think Mom could see through walls…because she had magic. It certainly made things a bit easier for me.

Although I had a wonderful, close relationship with my kids, where we could discuss anything openly, there comes a day when a question pops up that you may not be able to quite explain or answer. For me, that day came when they asked me “Mommy, who created God?”. Well, I began to search for a way to provide them with the knowledge and understanding of faith, being that I am not a fan of organized religion, although deeply spiritual. That’s when I found Pastor Dave.

It was a non-denominational Sunday school for children that taught them the general teachings and beliefs of the Bible. Yes, I attempted many times to read it, many versions, but always found myself giving it up. I’ve attended, many types of churches, giving “organized religion” benefit of doubt. But, no matter what the religion or church I attended, I found myself disbelieving their set of “rules” set forth that, supposedly, God or the Higher Power expected us to adhere to. You’re expected to donate a tidy sum annually, not commit adultery, protect all children, not be a sinner, etc. or you’ll burn in hell. Knowing that some of these “sins” were happening in some of these same sanctuaries, I found it all a bit difficult to swallow.

Early on, I told my kids there’s no such thing as perfect. No one is perfect. Not me, not you, not Santa Claus…not even God. Well, during one of their visits to Sunday school, Pastor Dave was explaining to the children that God is perfect. Of course, my kids belt out that “Mommy says no one is perfect, not even God!”. Well, guess who got a visit from Pastor Dave? He couldn’t believe I had said such a thing and came knocking on my door. So, of course, I explained to him that I had this discussion with my children, using the same sense of humor I always did. I explained that I would truly believe Him to be “perfect” if he were equipped with an All-Mighty arrow pack on his back, where he could pull out a heavenly arrow when he sees a created mistake, load that arrow onto the Holy Bow, aim and “poof”, mistake disappears. Simple as that. Kind of like a giant eraser, to remove the most disgusting dirtbags, those that prey on children, who find it easy to rob them of their innocence, from freely walking this planet.

I mean, where’s the giant, almighty eraser when people, like serial perverts, do horrific things to so many children before getting caught or killed? Why are these kinds of deviates allowed to walk this planet without fear of the almighty eraser? Why are these horrible humans walking around, yet we lose so many beautiful ones? Don’t we all make mistakes? I think if we took this appendage off these perverts, since they’re not using it properly, and stitched it to their foreheads, we wouldn’t need a website to find out where they are! We would easily recognize them coming down the street. Sounds simple enough to me. Who’s on board here? Can I see a show of hands please??

Call me what you want, but I do believe God, most certainly, has a sense of humor. Maybe just a little on the warped side sometimes? Perhaps a bit crispy around the edges? Don’t we all, at times? Getting older, my arms aren’t long enough for me to read anymore! Some say things aren’t as “cute” as they once were, things don’t work the same way they used to. Really?? Who’s kidding who here? Those that once felt they had an iron-clad bladder, say they can no longer cough or sneeze without crossing their legs! God giveth, and then, God taketh away! Are you sure mankind isn’t running on a giant, round board game, like the Game of Life? Are you sure He’s not rolling the Holy dice, watching us run around, waiting to see how long it takes us to figure things out?

Seriously, though, before you judge, understand that I am writing this in the hopes that you smile or laugh at things a little. I am not saying I don’t believe in God or a Higher Power. I simply don’t believe I need anyone to preach to me about why I was put here or what kind of person I’m supposed to be. I share my spiritual side anywhere I wish to. I do not believe I must attend a formal “church” setting, to do so. Being a church member, makes no difference in the way I feel about someone. I understand, by listening to my heart, that I’m supposed to be the best person I can be. I don’t have a religion. I don’t feel I need to, to be spiritual. I believe spirituality comes from within, from your heart. Whereas, religion is taught.

With that, being said, I think we all need to have a heavenly sense of humor, if we ever plan to survive the game of life. After all, weren’t we taught to play nice in the sand box, with everyone? Yes, that’s what was expected of us, or we weren’t allowed on the playground. Simple as that.

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  1. Sense of humor still intact. Love you.


  2. Good. But I hope it made you smile, chuckle or maybe laugh, at least once. Love you too.


  3. Eve says:

    Well said. I totally feel the same way.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you, Eve. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 💜


  5. k8inrawform says:

    I love this write so much!

    What a perfect way to wrap up your message… !
    “weren’t we taught to play nice in the sand box, with everyone? Yes, that’s what was expected of us, or we weren’t allowed on the playground. Simple as that!”

    I know I was ; )

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