The Path You’ve Chosen

Most people have dreams, have goals. You choose a path, you feel, is the one to get you there. You listen you your heart, you listen to your head and do the things you think are going to help get you to that destination. But, sometimes, there may be a time when you must ask yourself if this is working. Is this the best road for me? Could there be a more fulfilling way to achieve what I want for myself? Is this making me happy? Is this making me compromise a part of myself in some way? Am I maintaining my focus?

Throughout our life, no matter what we do, we are surrounded by those we love, those we care about, those we trust. We have our family, our friends whom we share our journey with all along the way. We share and trust that this “circle” will support our efforts, will have our backs. Do they trust in me, knowing the person I am, or is there doubt in my ability? If there is doubt, do they still believe in me? Is their support based only on success, are there conditions attached? Am I remaining true to myself?

Once you’ve invested a length of time along your path, if you haven’t achieved something positive toward your goal, perhaps you should take a step back and survey this road you’ve chosen. Doing this, do you feel you’re on the high road, or realize this may be the low road? Are you moving in a positive direction or are you confronted with things that are taking your focus elsewhere? Looking honestly at life before you, are you truly happy with where you are? Or is it time to change the direction?

There is more than one way to obtain your goals. There is always more than one path to get you to your dreams. When any path is no longer a good one for you, it’s time to be strong, it’s time to be smart and change the direction. Not the goal, just the way there, the path. Not the dream, just the way. Sometimes your route can become overwhelming and you may no longer see clearly. Circumstances before you are absorbing too much of your focus and you now realize you need change.

Changing your direction does not mean you’ve been defeated. Being able to realize any road you’re on is no longer benefiting you, is a success. It is proof that you are strong and still able to see where your heading. There are no guarantees that your dreams will come true in any length of time. There are no limits to the number of times you may change your direction, your path, to get there. What you need to remember, that which matters most, is the ending result of your journey.

Maintain the ability to see the forces before you. Be aware of all the experiences and discoveries that take place, whether they be positive or negative. Be very selective in those you share with. Realize that some factors may not always be what you believe they are, what you trust them to be. Never take for granted the strength and love of family during your life. That force, that energy, that root system, is far more powerful than you may realize or want it to be.  Ask yourself who will be there for you, even if you step off the path and into the grass.

Those surrounding you may change. Our world has become very greedy, very selfish. People become jealous. It can happen, the more opportunity you find, the more they expect you to share. For their support, you owe. For their weaknesses, they expect to ride on your back. For their fear of falling behind, they will bring guilt. For those without strength, will cut into yours. They will prey upon your love, your caring, your friendship. This can become a heart-breaking reality, but one you absolutely must deal with, at times, along your path.

Some embrace change, others fear it. Not everyone can step outside their comfort zone and find excitement in the unknown road ahead. That’s okay, provided their fear doesn’t bring harm, bring self-doubt, into the face of your presence. As with any garden, we must constantly “weed” our life of those things which choke off the growth being nurtured. This isn’t always easy, some weeds have the power to heal, some are beautiful. Maintaining focus with your presence, your path, gives you the strength to pull them out of your way. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad, they just may not be healthy for you. If you believe a weed has purpose, there is nothing wrong with transplanting it into another environment where it can eventually prove itself and its worth. Most weeds will produce a flower, if given the chance to grow elsewhere.

Be your brilliant self, never compromise the entire spectrum for the sake of any one factor. Be strong, be wise enough to step into the grass for a moment, to wipe the crap off your soul that you’ve stepped in. The grass may not always be green, just so long as it enables you to clear, to weed or to change your direction. Be aware of the energies around you. Believe in all you wish to, but also realize you must draw a line at some point, regardless. This is not always easy.

Some paths are smooth, level pavers, laid with sand on even ground. Others may be uneven cobblestones, giving you challenges of stability constantly. Both can be beautiful, leading you through your garden, your life. Neither is made to last forever, change may ultimately have to be made. That is the wonderment which lies before you, the opportunity to lay a new way, a new path. The garden around you will remain, but never fear changing the path, the way through it.

A wise gardener knows, not all things planted, will provide nourishment, enrichment. When some seeds are planted, one only hopes of greatness, not being sure of its identity. Some may, with great surprise, grow into strong, majestic trees, which feed for years yet to come. A focused gardener only wishes for healthy growth, from the very beginning.

You are your own self. You are, you have created, a life all your own. Nurture the garden that’s been planted. Organic or not, you must weed and fertilize for growth. Understand the difference between a single-potted plant and a garden. Do you stand alone, having no effect on another in any way at all? Or are you connected to a root system? In a garden, you are surrounded by support. When you need it, others may sacrifice, help you grow. They will always stand by your side.

One thing is certain, you have but one opportunity for life. Value the roots that have been nurtured for you, the seeds that have been laid, making this journey possible for you. Never fear making change, when change is necessary. When you face fear, be your strongest self. When you face doubt, be your most majestic self. At times, you will have to weed, you may have to prune, for growth. With all that you face, your debt lies within you alone, on this path. You owe it to yourself, to stand tall, to be your strongest and most proud self.

Taking view of this garden, you will be thankful to the gardener, for the strength of the root system. You will be grateful those seeds were planted and well nurtured, within their garden, you, being given life. The greatest wish for you, was only true happiness in your growth from the start. When your seed was planted, you had nothing to do with it, you were the ending result of something greater, at that moment, for them.

Coming full-circle, you will become the tender of this great garden which surrounds you, as intended. You will take those tools, nurture the journey of the life you stand amongst. For your creator, there is no debt to pay. Their wish for you always, is that you embrace the courage to accept those factors you cannot change, standing tall. That you retain the strength to change those things which you can, remaining powerful. That you will relish in the wisdom of knowing the difference, wearing pride. In all honesty, your dream is, a wish your heart has made for you. Respect all that you believe and make certain you are your most true, most beautiful and happy self. Your destination, at its end, will be living your most amazing life.


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  1. Love this. Thank you for sharing

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  2. Eve says:

    Another great read. Inspiring

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Angela Wattle says:

    I love the message in this post! Spring cleaning is not just for our homes but for our souls as well. “Weeding” our gardens to promote self growth ❤️

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  4. Debi Hix says:

    You are such an inspiration to me..with your writtings and as a friend. Love you forever!


    1. Thank you, sweetie! I love you too!! 💜


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