Your World, My World & What’s Left, Is Their’s

Yes, like so many of you, I was taught manners growing up. We were taught to respect our elders, not interrupt, mind our own business, and countless others. Life was different, back then. We don’t live in that kind of world anymore. Our elders are considered more of a burden, than a treasure. People don’t know how to talk face-to-face anymore. Your life, your business is our there in cyberspace for all to see and judge. People, neighbors don’t help each other anymore.

I will admit, there have been several times where I’ve been compelled to go against the grain, during my everyday life. I did not, and could not, mind my own business or not intervene. Yea, shame on me. If I discover you are smacking your mother around because she no longer can speak up or protect herself, then I’m going to let you know you’re being watched and there will be hell to pay. If you are going to abuse your child, verbally, physically or both, in my presence, then I believe your “circle of parenting rights” has now touched mine. This opens the door for me to let you know just how unacceptable that behavior is. In my presence, or otherwise.

There are way too many people angry. There are way too many people suffering. There are way too many people feeling hopelessness. We need to give a crap, at a monumental degree. We need to speak up, when things aren’t right. We need to reach out and touch each other, touch each other’s lives. Do you realize that some of our most devastated areas, are the most giving? People with very little themselves, find a way to share, to give to others. People really can be amazing. As a world, we’ve done great things. But we’ve created an equal number of problems in the process as well. We need to fix some of this. We need to unite and stand together and make some changes to the game.

When is enough, really going to be enough? We have school shootings. We have too many prescription drugs. We have massive homelessness. We have chemtrails. We have too many people on disability. We have too much uncertainty. We have too much fear. We have too many people giving up. People are losing more and getting less. This is hard to believe and even harder to accept. Greed and corruption are spiraling out of control. It doesn’t matter how much you make, it’s not enough. It doesn’t matter how much you do, it’s not enough. It seems now, it’s all about how little they can get away with giving you, while sucking as much as possible out of you, in the process, and it’s not just happening in the “corporate” world. If “Middle Class America” is the majority, where will this nation be when that no longer exists? That’s where most funds come from, those middle-class taxpayers.

When do you get fed up? How long does it take? Do you care about the state of the world we’re leaving behind to our children and grandchildren? Or, do you not care because you’re doing fine? You have your pension. You have your social security. You have your nest egg. You haven’t got to worry. It’s not your problem. Do you care only about yourself, your family, or are you a greater human being than that? Just how many absolute strangers have you reached out and helped in your lifetime? Do you really think that you’re going to be protected, somehow, if the ship sinks? Believing the “poor” person next to you will drown, but you will miraculously be saved, because you have more?

We have been guinea pigs for far too long. Our food supply contains poisons. Our water supply contains poisons. Our pharmaceuticals contain poisons. Technology contains poisons. Our air contains poisons. What the hell are we doing to our world? More so, what the hell are we doing to ourselves? For the sake of what, progress? Funny, I can think of a lot of words, but that one just doesn’t come into my mind.

Did you know at least 30% of our food supply ends up in the trash? That many states have laws against collecting rainwater? That research shows about 35% of people in America, don’t know their neighbors? That our current workforce cannot support all those collecting social security? Are you still wondering why so many of our young people are feeling as they do? Their college degree assures them of only one thing, a mountain of debt. For many, they must now decide whether to pursue the career they’ve chosen or go home and help their family put food on the table.

So many people say, “young people don’t want to work”. Say that they’re lazy. This is very true, for some, not all. There are many young people out there trying to make change. Change takes time. Sadly, bureaucracy makes it take far more than necessary. Even if your idea or discovery could change lives immediately, you are made to go through years of red tape. After all, it’s going to cost someone a crap ton of profit, bringing better to the table.

What we do have, are some great minds out there. Young and old. We need to start talking to each other. We need to demand much better, for everyone, not just certain brackets. No, our kids don’t want to live life the same way we are. Isn’t that what we want for them, better? We don’t want to see them on this mouse wheel, getting nowhere. Even a lifetime of hard work, doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to retire and finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. This has only worked out for those lucky enough to miss the changes to the rules. For most of us, we get hit. Some, much harder than others.

For as much as people will bitch about lazy, let’s look at how many things we no longer want to get off our butts and do for ourselves anymore. Turning on the lights. Turning on the T.V. Locking the door. Playing a song. Grocery shopping. The list is unbelievable. Do you really think this stranger is going to pick out the best produce for you? Do they know your family’s likes and dislikes? Allergies? I just don’t understand how kids have become so lazy. Where in the hell, did they learn such things?

We need to talk to each other a lot more. We need to care about each other a lot more. We need to stop making everything a challenge among ourselves. We need to bring genuine back. We need to be real, and back away from so much crap called “reality”. We need to stop blaming guns and find out why those people feel what they do, inside, making it so easy for them to do such horrific things. Stop with the labels and pills and communicate more. Let’s stop sharing emojis and share emotions. We all know, full well, how just a little love, a little kindness, a little concern can change someone’s day, their life, their world.

Let’s change things, shall we? Let’s spend less time on “social media” and become more social. Let’s get together, sit at the same table and leave the phones behind. Let’s stop wasting so damn much and share more, enjoy more. Let’s bring the simplicity of the “quality” of life, back into our lives. Too much of anything, is not good. Everything in moderation. Why are we so willing to sacrifice so very much, just to be “connected” 24/7? If you don’t believe we are sacrificing anything, in this age of progress, then you are easily fooled, my friend.

Don’t get me wrong, technology has made some very valuable advancements in our world. But, at the same time, we’ve allowed it to go too far, in other ways. We could talk all day, on that subject. But, let’s get serious. Can we truly afford, or want to, sacrifice those things that make us human beings, just for the sake of progress? Can’t we even consider pulling back on the reins, just a little, and protect ourselves more, our world more? Do we really have to destroy all that makes our world go ‘round, for everyone, just for these things we call progress? Look at all the “new” problems we’ve developed from this whirlwind. One of the worst, I believe, is the lack of emotion.

Emotions are what make people think first, before reacting. Emotions are what make our children value themselves, their lives. Emotions are what make you fall in love. Emotions make you cry. Emotions make you mad. Let’s teach our children how to handle their emotions, how to share their emotions. Not bottle them up inside until they become lost. I’m not a fan of this robotic, doing the same things at the same time every day, kind of mouse wheel we’re on. Our kids see the unhappiness in this. They see the unhappiness is us. Is it really a surprise, to anyone, that they don’t want this kind of life? Seriously, how’s it worked out for you?

If you’re not one of those lucky ones, do you have all you need to live happily? Can you retire, after a lifetime of hard work? Our elders retired. Why can’t so many, in this age of “progress”, do the same? What have we done? Why have we allowed the level of greed to get to this point? Why is everything based on how much you have, instead of the kind of person you are? Why do we have to give so damn much of what we work hard for, just to watch it so poorly wasted?

Were we truly put here to just keep making money for someone else, hoping with everything inside us, to enjoy the fruits one day ourselves? Why have we allowed things to get to the point where 1% controls 90%? Imagine, if you can, a more level playing field. Don’t you think all people would be happier in life? If people were happier with their lives, would our children be happier as well? Would they feel death is the only way out of this happy hell hole? Or, would they be excited to see what tomorrow brings for them?

We seriously need to demand change, stand “United” and make it happen! There’s strength in numbers. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be controlled to the point we are. We need to stop letting them pin us against each other. We are “the land of the free, the home of the brave”, right? What the hell happened to that? Why are so many of our people stressed, struggling and unhappy? Why the hell are we so willing to sacrifice our children, our basic human rights and needs, for the sake of the 1% that don’t give a damn about any of us? Because they tell us we must? That needs to change, big time.

Crap, there’s another human emotion thing coming out…it’s called hope. Let’s get together, stand united and change the rules. Isn’t it time for us to tell them, just how we’re going to play? Isn’t it time to take back even just a little bit of the control? As the “people”, let’s leave a world we can truly be proud of. In this game of “life”, don’t we all deserve to simply be happy? I believe we do.


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  1. I love reading everything you write.

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    1. Thank you, Gloria! 💜 Get better, I miss you!


  2. Eve says:

    Very inspirational

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    1. Thank you so much, Eve! 💜


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