I’m So Very Sorry, My Child

Babies are such a gift. They are so innocent. We want nothing more than to give them everything they need. All their trust is in us. It’s all so pure, so unconditional. No strings attached. We want for their world to be the most wonderous of places, opportunities to be limitless. We want them to have everything they need, to be happy. They count on us to do all that is right, for them. They don’t worry, they don’t doubt. As we grow older, however, we come to realize just how much control of it, we really have. As we become wiser, we realize just how ugly things can really become.

For many years, I’ve had a list of people I’d love to help, if I ever “hit it big” and were financially able to. Just buying a lottery ticket, increases your chances of winning by 100 percent. So, every once in a blue moon, I do, just because I’d love to change the lives of some, really, good people. Struggling is quite common, if you look around you. Far too many are doing it, here in America. It’s an everyday way of life for the majority. Unfortunately, I know many people who have found a way to work the system, to their advantage. Afterall, “everyone’s doing it, why shouldn’t I?” Because it’s not right!

Imagine, if you will, living in a community where your elected and trusted officials truly put the “people” at the forefront. If they considered those who make up the community, to be as necessary and valuable as newly developed revenue. I understand the value of revenue, it helps provide the improvements and services that every community wants. Those things that keep us safe, allow us to “shop local”, help us when we need it and keep us together, as neighbors should be. Those officials, whom we trust, should embrace the position they carry and respect that, respect us. Sadly, the reality of their power and position usually ends up becoming greedy, putting far more in their pockets, than into our lives or our communities.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a large city or in small town America, it seems to be the same on all levels. Why is that? Why is it that things have become so incredibly expensive? Greed. Why is it that even a quality loaf of bread costs $5.00 now a days? Greed. Why can’t municipalities repair or improve anything outside of the million-dollar mark? Greed. Why do those, who get so much, just want so much more? Greed. These are generally those who don’t care about their neighbors. They don’t care about you or your family, they just care about themselves.

Take a real look around you, how’s your life going? Is it a struggle to make all the ends meet? Are you wondering why, when you’re working hard, you just can’t seem to get anywhere? Do you shop at discount stores, buying food to put on the table, from companies you’ve never heard of, from countries you’ve never been to? This is a reality for far too many. We live in one of the most powerful countries in the world, people die trying to come to America, for what? Far too many of us, who’ve been born and raised here, are going without the most basic needs for life. Why? Greed.

Ask yourself, if you have the courage, are you proud of what you’re leaving behind, for your children, your grandchildren and all the other babies yet to come? I, for one, am not. I feel quite sorry for what they will have to deal with. It truly breaks my heart, being a part of it. Then, I ask myself, “who am I?” I’m one of the insignificant, little people, that makes up so much a part of our nation. Yes, it’s those of us, who must pay the crazy prices to take our kids to a game, a concert, a movie, who work multiple jobs to take our kids anywhere, that provide the revenue, for our “trusted” officials to manipulate so poorly.

What the hell is happening? Why is it that truly good mothers can no longer raise their children, and be respected? Why is it that so many families need multiple incomes, just to provide those things we all had? Why are families breaking apart, rather than coming together? I remember in childhood, aunts, uncles, cousins all gathered regularly. Now, they can’t wait to move miles away. Divorce is way too prominent, in the American family. People make crap-tons of money, feeding off the devastation of others. Technology has provided a way for criminals to destroy people, from any part of the globe.

Medications that were said to be safe to dispense, and have been for years, are now pulled off shelves and involved in class-action, multi-million-dollar lawsuits. Much of our food supply isn’t allowed in a multitude of countries, because of the toxins we use. Major appliances are engineered to need replacing in a third of the time they used to. People are dying, or have died, because employers, who knowingly exposed them to dangers, cared more about their profit than their workers. You know, the little, insignificant people that made them what they are. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my mother in my life, than any portion of a lawsuit judgement.

Who’s truly going to pay the price for what we’ve allowed to spiral out of control? While they’re putting so much “reality” crap on television, to keep your attention occupied, they’ve been able to get away with murder.  Officials tell us just what we want to hear, all that we should have, could have, if we trust in them, on the right hand. All the while, hoping no one is paying attention to what the left hand is doing. Don’t agree? Just look at their net-worth before and after they held office. This country, our communities, are being run by too many people that have found ways to profit greatly, selfishly, for themselves. Mind you, not all, there are some good ones speaking for us, but far too many the majority are not. We truly need to get real, make changes, on all levels.

Again, I ask myself, “who am I?” Well, I am one of those little, insignificant people within a community, with a voice. My voice counts. My voice matters. At least, to myself and those others, willing to stand up. We care, as so many others truly should. It all starts at home, right? Start small, you don’t have to take on the world, just care about your community. I care about what’s happening to mine. It’s disgraceful, to say the least. Sorry, but I’m not sorry, that I’m not just going to roll over and take it. I can’t. Regardless where I may live, I’ve given 34 years to this small-town community. This is where I raised my children, made friendships, taught so many kids countless life-long valuable lessons and I’ll always care about it. Morals, values, respect, common decency aren’t, and cannot, become a thing of the past! Or so help us all, including the babies, generations yet to come.

We can do this!! We need to band together, be “united” and make change really happen. We can’t leave this mess we’ve allowed, to get worse. It will, if we don’t do something now. We spend billions of dollars each year, because we no longer feel safe drinking local water. We medicate too many children, just to control them easier, because of labels. We feed genetically modified, chemically saturated and created foods to our families, just to get it to the table quicker and cheaper. We’ve got too many “new” disorders and diseases running out of control. We’ve got too much death and suicide.

Seriously, who in the hell thinks they should have the right to “clone” their babies? Is it truly a good idea to bring back the Woolly Mammoth? What in the hell is happening, people? How far are we, as a society, willing to let things go? What the hell are we doing? What kind of people are we becoming? Have we really become holier than thou? Even as a non-believer in “organized religion”, I think not. Our world is filled with way too much corruption, selfishness and greed. It’s only a matter of time before the bottom falls out of that pot of gold. Nothing lasts forever.

Our “millennial” generation was told that without a college degree, they won’t be worthy of contributing to today’s competitive world. Now, they deal with a lifetime of debt. Who banked most from this? Was it you, your kids, your grandkids? Why are so many kids turning to such dangerous drugs, just to escape their reality? Knowing, all the while, it may kill them. Why do so many have no respect for their life, their classmate’s lives? Where are all those promises of “grandeur” now?

Promises are made, to be kept. Trust is the most valuable thing you’ll earn. Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. Failure isn’t the same as achieving success. If your climbing up “the ladder”, while stomping on others, the loser isn’t the one holding the ladder steady for you. Treat others, the same way you want to be treated in return. Respect and dignity go hand in hand. To care, is what most others will wish from you. Truly loving someone, even if lost, is better than never having known real love at all. Don’t fear failure, fear only the lack of courage to try. Try to learn something, from each little mistake you make. Laughter is the best medicine. Be a friend, and you won’t have to look for them. Each generation can improve on the last. Love makes the world go ‘round. The countless lessons we’ve learned, and taught to our children, are our strength.

Even a small team, can accomplish great things. We just need to be a team, standing in unity. We can, no longer, allow them to make us feel small and insignificant. We all have a voice. We need to utilize them and try to clean up some of this mess we’ve allowed to be made. Let’s learn something, from our mistakes, and put pride back into the hood. We really can’t afford to have it take decades, even generations, for changes to be made. A great number of children are looking up to, and trusting in, us.

I couldn’t feel more pride, looking into my children’s eyes, of the human beings they’ve chosen to become. Both individual, living completely different lifestyles, neither one selfish nor greedy and truly do care about others. It saddens me though, to think about the ways of the world we’re leaving them. What kind of world will my grandbabies be living in? Is our blindness, our lack of effort, really being fair to them? My kids have always seen me try and fight the wrong. I do so, because I care, whether I’m still here or not has absolutely no bearing. You can’t keep expecting others to make the effort, coming up with excuses for yourself. This is how things don’t get done, things don’t change, and life just goes on, allowing things to get completely out of control.

I’ve always said, “you won’t see greed worse, worn on a human being, than you will through death or divorce.”  Well, I was wrong. You really need to throw a few more things in there, one, being politics. We all know the shit pile is getting deep. We’re spending a lot more and getting much less. Greed has contaminated far too many aspects of our lives. Things do not need to be so damn expensive, so damn hard, so damn selfish, take so damn long or be beneficial to so damn few. We need to put our voices together and make some loud noise, demanding changes. We need to care about all children, regardless of age, and this, includes you and me.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Gloria McGaffey says:

    Very well said!


  2. Donna Marie Blancha says:

    Thank you, Gloria!


  3. Nicki says:

    LOVE!!! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww… Thank you, Nicki for the comment!! I miss you! 💜


  5. k8inrawform says:

    Wonderful write! SO many can relate… and how you express and “handle” these emotions…

    “The countless lessons we have learned, and taught to our children, are our strength”
    This statement, is so important for all to remember, for children of all ages.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and being such a strong, powerful, vibrant, unconditionally loving “member of society.”
    From your daughter, who is so grateful for the priceless wisdom you’ve shared, taught, shown.. instilled in me, in your self, and all those around us.

    I love you most!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Aww…you’ve put a tear in my eye,..
    I love you most! 💜💘💜

    Liked by 1 person

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