Shut In, Shut Out & Shut Down

We have no choice, we must comply with the orders of this national historical happening; governments, both state and federal, have implemented a “stay in place” order. They say, “go nowhere, see no one and practice social distancing”. What’s going on in the world right now, is something none of us has ever experienced before. Most of us also know, when this quarantine is lifted, life may not be the same. I, for one, am hoping with all I have in me, that it will be much better in the end. Yes, it will take time to heal, but with the level of corruption and the disregard for human life over the value of money, power and control, things must change.

Do not be fooled into thinking this is nothing more than a Trump vs the Democrats thing once again. Although, the timing was incredible. No one is talking about the hundreds of millions of our tax dollars being wasted trying to impeach the President any longer. Now, people are busy shopping for meat and shit paper. Too many people think this is a “staycation” and a chance for them to do redecorating. People are buying chest freezers, hoarding tons of food and paper products, thinking they’ll never see them again. I’m truly dumbfounded at what people are doing and, more so, what they’re not.

Honestly, this is NOT the time to be repainting your children’s bedrooms. This is the time to start opening your eyes. This is the time to educate yourself a little on the grand scheme of things going on. There is so much more going on, behind the virus, that most people are not aware of. If you care about anyone living right now, you need to focus on what’s most important. Instead of completely focusing on home projects, how about you become more aware of the global reality that’s happening around you and those you care about? Why is that such a ridiculous idea?

Why aren’t more people looking into the massive amount of information out there, available world-wide, instead of putting all their belief into what the main-stream media is reporting? I lost faith in them long ago. All of them. They are all owned and controlled. There are people from countries all around the globe, communicating information, collectively researching, sharing facts and presenting them without bias. These efforts are what may give you the hope you need, if you only were to look. It’s all right there, at your fingertips.

Nope, we must not talk to each other. We must not socialize. We must remain shut in, shut out while the world is shut down. Really? I think this is the most important time to communicate together. I’m not talking about the stupid crap that fills so much space on social media. I’m talking about honest to goodness research and communication. Most everyone has it available to them, why not utilize it during this historical happening? Yes, your grandkids are cute, your recipe looks delicious. But, doesn’t this world-wide happening make you curious, make you ask questions? Seriously, it should be.

No one is protesting the construction of toxic 5G towers all over the landscape any longer. This was huge, happening globally, and now…all is silent. This all really made me wonder. So, yes, I started looking at some of the information out there. When people share ideas and information, globally, it’s quite amazing at what we can discover, the questions we should be asking. Some reports state there is documented proof this virus was man-made and unleashed into the general public intentionally. The timing couldn’t have been better too. But, “they” say this virus came from a bat. Someone ate a bowl of bat soup containing a contaminated bat and now we are to believe that a deadly virus was spread rapidly world-wide. No matter how you look at it, this one is hard to swallow.

“They”, being the main-stream media, fills us with nothing but fear and death. The numbers they report, don’t add up. They report nothing but doom and gloom and every death that happens now, is somehow connected to the virus. They don’t report about the great numbers of those who’ve had the virus and overcame it. They keep pounding fear into people’s minds, going so far as to say if we don’t comply and remain “locked up”, that it could cost you your mother. Have you heard some of the commercial time they’re broadcasting? They ask, “what will it take, for you to comply with our order? Losing your friends or family?” Seriously?

I find it sad, with the elderly having been hit so hard by the virus, that so many of them have been made to die alone and isolated. No one allowed to kiss them good-bye, hug them one more time, no human touch from loved ones. Many of them have been through things we have not, during their lifetimes. They are wise enough to know, there’s a lot more to this story. What was reported? That our elderly should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Wow, really? Haven’t they done this already, with the way they’ve been treated, the way they’ve been living?

People, we need to start taking things more seriously. Can anyone, honestly, believe everything our government tells us? Does anyone not have any doubts at all, to what we’re being fed, time and time again? Do you truly think all the information, reported by all the main-stream media platforms, is accurate and factual? Doesn’t anyone, old enough to remember President John F. Kennedy, remember his speech to the media? Does anyone remember how he vowed to expose branches of our government and crumble them to “pieces”, for the depth of corruption that existed? President Abraham Lincoln spoke of the same corruptions. Does anyone remember John Kennedy Jr. vowing to his death, to expose those truly responsible for his father’s death and the corruption behind it all?

I’m not asking for anyone to agree, I’m only asking that you wake up and ask questions. Don’t be so eager to believe the things we’re all being fed. We must question more things and demand real facts. There are people in countries noted as “epicenters” for this virus that are posting videos of tent hospitals that are completely empty. Doctors reporting empty “lines” of people seeking testing, while the media reports “thousands are standing there in waiting”. They report; “1 person can infect 40”, why not 51 or 19? How did they choose 40? But, no, we must not communicate. We must remain at home and stay safe. We must be shut in, shut out and remain shut down. They want us to shut up, not gather, not ask questions. It makes me wonder why, honestly, on a huge scale.

Remember George Carlin? His comedy was based on reality. Yes, he made us laugh, even at ourselves. But people went home and forgot what he had tried to make them think about. Information on realities, and why we should be questioning everything. The level of “bullshit”, as he would call it, is so deep, in our government, in religion, in our world, that we should really step back and look at what is really going on, in everything. He said, “children should be raised to question everything” and he was right. But he also said that most people couldn’t handle that, and he was right on that as well. Children will come up with questions that most adults couldn’t even fathom, let alone would ask.

We have too many sheep, followers not wanting to lead, afraid to stand up for change. Martin Luther King tried to get all people to realize the value and need for changes. He spoke of the power in the people, united. So, why aren’t we doing more of this, especially now? Have we forgotten what so many of our beloved, most respected leaders shared with us? Tried to make us aware of? Why does it take so damn long for us to wake up? Why are we so willing to just keep going, the same old way and believing all the bullshit we’re being fed?

We have 327 million people in the USA. Let’s think about the amount of money we’re paying, just in income taxes. Our government takes 33.333% of our annual income. They say our nation is made up of a majority of “middle class” Americans, who still struggle to balance it all. Can you imagine just how much money that amounts to? So much so, that over a hundred million dollars can be wasted to impeach the President, and there’s still plenty left for politicians to mishandle so poorly? Why in the hell are we paying so much of our income to the government? This is on top of all the other money coming in, remember. This is a staggering amount of money, no matter how you do the math.

If we must find a way to survive with less, isn’t it about time our government does? Why must we keep paying more than a third of what we make, only to be squandered so badly? Why are most politicians living so much better, have more wealth, than all of us? Their salaries don’t provide those million-dollar bank accounts, so many of them have. They waste way too much, because they can. They’ll get more every year, so they don’t care about the amount of waste. Their pockets are full while ours are being emptied. Let’s not forget, much of what they get, isn’t only better than what they “provide” for the people, but they get it for life. How secure is your pension? Let’s not even talk about Social Security. Yes, they never lose, anything, except an election. It’s okay, though, if we lose it all. Really? Have you ever researched how unlawful income taxes really are? I’d bet, you haven’t. Maybe you should ask Google: Does the US Constitution state “income tax is illegal?” I think you’d be amazed at the information you will find. As stated, income tax could be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. I don’t care how you look at all of this, it’s obvious, we’re paying way too much. Unfortunately, what we’re not paying…is enough attention.

I’m writing this, just because I want you to ask questions. This is what we should be doing, besides researching and communicating together. Remember the assassination of JFK? Remember 911? Remember so many major events in our history and the questions surrounding the information we were being fed? Why is it different now? Because of the fear “they” are putting out there, that too many people are believing, without question? Why are so many people more interested in cute videos shared on social media, than what’s historically happening around the world? Did you know that just in the USA, we had 61,000 deaths from the flu last year? Why no lock down? Why no masks or gloves then? Yes, I think the time has come where we should be questioning everything. Especially if governments are in total control. After all, for more than 150 years, the massive corruption within our own government has been talked about, its existence proven by leaders and laymen alike, and still the majority would rather be another sheep in the herd, than to be a shepherd.

Have you ever researched what Abraham Lincoln was about to do, within our government, for the people, before he was assassinated? Fast-forward to JFK and what he was going to do before he, too, was assassinated about a hundred years later? Why is the sacrifice so high, when “for the people” comes into play? Why was John Kennedy Jr. not laid to rest in the same fashion as was Aretha Franklin, when millions mourned his loss? His remains, we were told, were discovered days after the search was called off. The three of them were cremated and their ashes laid to rest at sea, within one day, only to be witnessed by 300 “invited” guests. Why? The list goes on, but I will not. I just would like you to be curious enough, be informed enough to ask questions. Or perhaps we should allow all our children the education, un-biased and factual, and allow them to ask what so many adults are afraid to. Of course, if we do that, children may end up teaching us, and we know we can’t have that. They may teach us how not to be afraid to ask questions, how to explore the possibilities and how to think for ourselves.


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  1. Sorry, to have taken so long to get to this very well written article. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you, sweetheart! Much appreciated. Can’t wait to get together again!! 💜


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