When Happy Little Bluebirds Fly

We’re at that time of year. Fall. I love the weather and wish it stayed this way all year round. This time of the year means a lot of yard work, getting ready for the winter ahead. Not this year. There’s just way too much going on. Things that are so much more important. For me, it’s not “business as usual” this year. For me, it’s the most unbelievable time in my life. I’ve lived through 63 years and cannot believe I am here to witness what is happening, what has already happened and what is about to happen in our world. Yes, there’s going to be crazy, there’s going to be chaos, there’s going to be big changes coming.

For the past 34 years, I’ve worked in my yard, tending to all those things that need to be done. I had a list of projects I fully intended doing, inside and out. This year, there’s no pulling weeds. No planting flowers. No painting. No holiday décor on my doorstep. These things just seem so very superficial to me, compared to all else that’s taking place. I can’t help thinking, there’s a reason I’m here right now. There’s a reason I’m witnessing these global changes. I feel so lucky right now. Yes, there’s a great amount of change, with very little coin. I feel so very fortunate to be witnessing the massive changes taking place.

I know I may lose more than I already have. I know I may have to suffer more too. So be it. I know there are millions of people that have, and are, suffering more than I am at this very moment. My heart goes out to them. They’ve lost everything. I still have a lot in my life. For now, I have a roof over my head. For now, I have a chance to share time with others. For now, I get to see the morning rise and the evening fall. So many people have lost such simplicity. There are men, women and children hurting everywhere. I wish I could help them all. But I can’t. I’m not that big. I’m not that good.

Caring for others is what I do best. That’s why, being a real homemaker has been my absolute favorite experience. Being a mother, being a partner, making home the favorite place to be, sharing peace, love and all else we hold so dear. I’ve always given to others, from my heart. It never mattered if I was giving love, friendship, a gift, or anything else to someone, I did it with heart. To me, it’s important to let them know just how very much they mean to me. To let them know that there is a place in my heart for them. For me, that’s so important, whether they understood that or not. More than ever, this is the most important time for all of us to be doing exactly that.

Just because my voice is loud sometimes, doesn’t mean I’m a mean person. Just because I’m honest, doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. Brutal honesty is not necessary, but heart-felt honesty is greatly respected. There is a difference. People will ask my opinion or talk to me about things, because they know they can trust in me to tell them the truth. My truth on it, anyway. I don’t always know enough about the topic either and will say that, but what they’re usually looking for is simply a perspective from another angle. That, I can do.

They say we’re facing the most important election in our nation’s history. Millions of people around the world are fighting to save freedom. It’s not just within our own country, the future of mankind is at stake in nations around the globe. The majority realize just how very important the outcome of this fight will be for the future. Yes, for the future of all people, in all lands, worldwide. So very much is taking place. In the air, and on the ground. The entire globe is changing. Lands are shifting. Seas are shifting. Energy is shifting. People are witnessing things we’ve never seen before. Some people believe it’ll all be over after this election. They haven’t realized that it’s, in all actuality, the beginning of huge changes that will be coming. For everyone. Everywhere.

I very much love all the peace I feel here. Even with the weeds, I love the nature that surrounds me. I love being in it, looking at it in detail, briefly calming my mind of the craziness in the world. I can’t help but think, with so many having lost their homes, about the number of tents or teepees this property could hold. How many of these weeds are just so healing for us. The amount of fear being spread, is amazing. All the ways they are dividing us, is disturbing. Most all will suffer somewhat, in some way and it breaks my heart to think about it. I care. I care about people. I care about our world. The majority knows the power people have when they come together. This power is the greatest fear of all, to the evil our world is battling.

If you think about it, you might feel like we’re living in a movie. As the curtain is pulled back and truths are exposed, people will realize we may only have each other to lean on. People will be forced to look inside themselves, for that which they need. Coming together is our greatest power, which is why we are being torn apart in such horrific ways. Inside us, we have a brain, to think for ourselves. Inside us, we have a heart, to hold all the love we can share. Inside us, we find the courage, to do what we must, for everyone. Yes, as the “puppet masters” are being unveiled, the deceptions are being unmasked and the depth of corruption is being unlocked, the yellow brick road will become more visible to more people.

No matter what subject or part, in or of our lives, you choose, you’ve got to admit there’s plenty of room for improvement. There are chemicals in everything from medicines to drinking water. There are poisons in everything from our skies to our food supply. Why? Why were these things ever put into place? Why would anyone want to do such vile things? Couldn’t anything be done in life, without such a level of destruction? If most of these chemicals and poisons are toxic to human consumption, then what the hell is really going on? Is it all about money? Is it all about control? Is it all about power? Could it be, “all of the above”? The majority knows, it’s way beyond just politics.

What kind of creature could be capable of doing such vulgar things to so many children? To so many human beings? What kind of creature could be capable of destroying the existence of anything, simply because it can? Is it for the pleasure? Could that even be possible? Could the level of evil within this creature even be human? Or are we now realizing the existence of a different life form among us? Some say this madness is of biblical proportions. I certainly do agree about one thing, it’s quite spiritual, to say the very least.

As the veil is lifted and we see the face of truths placed before us, we are going to come together unlike ever before. People from all countries, all lands, all walks will come together for the betterment of all mankind. We will be soldiers, we will become warriors, for all that is right for all of us, for everything. Oh yes, they will try to distract us with people and programs that have been absent from the spotlight, as of late, just to keep our attention diverted. What they fear, is that the majority will not allow themselves to be manipulated. What they fear most, is the majority standing together exercising the sheer power of the people. It fears them greatly because they know the movie will have ended, the credits will now be running.

In the future, home may be a little different than it once was. It might not look the same. It might not feel the same. It might not even be the same. It will take time, but I believe it will become so much better for everyone. I believe it will become more meaningful, less materialistic. I believe it will become more compassionate, less competitive. I believe it will become more genuine, less judgmental. We won’t just be part of a neighborhood, we’ll become a part of a community. I believe, with all my heart, because I must. I care about us all. Strings are being cut that have controlled many things for a great many years. The puppeteer is losing job security. The evil being fought, will do everything it possibly can to prevent this from happening. As more people realize how much we have been blind to, the strength we have in numbers will become much more visible. We are stronger. We are wiser. We must stand united for truth, for freedom, for love for all people, for all nations.

Yes, it really does feel like we’re living in a movie, at times, it’s so incredibly crazy. I just can’t figure out which one it is. Perhaps, The Truman Show? Could it be the Wizard of Oz? Maybe, Avatar? So many seem to fall in line with the scenes playing out before our eyes. The majority knows, when all is said and done, things will never be the same. The majority knows, the world will have a greater balance, more harmony for all. If we demand nothing less, it shall then be so. We are a force. We don’t have to tap our heels together and make a wish to find our way home. The majority knows, our feeling of home comes from within. The majority knows we most certainly can fly over the rainbow. The majority knows, we are that big. The majority knows, we are that good.


Note:  Most every photo contained in my writings are as much a part of my work, as the words written. This time however, a photo caught my eye that I didn’t take. Most will see the bird and the rainbow, thinking this, is why it was chosen. This is part of our reality, not really seeing all that’s right in front of us. All the synchronicities that are there, is why I chose the photo for this writing. I believe the majority will see them all.

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  1. gmcgaffey68 says:

    I read it.  Great article you should write for a living.  XXOO


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