I am a woman of honesty and integrity.  I believe the value of your word and the strength of your handshake say a lot about your character. I respect and value my friendships and like surrounding myself with good people. I take my passions very seriously~whether in the designs I create or the love I share. I believe in karma. I wish on stars. I believe the reason we were put here was to be the best person we can be, not only to ourselves but to others. I believe your heart is what determines your “value” as a human being…not your wallet. I absolutely adore creating beautiful things and sharing them with others. Rest assured with the designs I create, each one takes a little piece of me with it when it goes to it’s new “home”.  The words I share, are meant to provoke identification, discovery and thought. I smile every day and am a lover of life, regardless of its challenges.  I love sharing my passion in many ways and hope you find as much enjoyment in receiving as I do by giving.

~xOx~  Peace & Love to All ~xOx~